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Fortnite Debuts New Season

Original Fortnite Map

Fortnite has been evolving over the last six years, but what has kept it alive? For most players, they like to reminisce about the nostalgic moments in the early times of Fortnite. With the new season coming out, players have gotten to live the OG moments once again, forming new memories and enjoying the game like it used to be. Bringing back the old times of Fortnite has brought the player base up to nearly 50 million. We talked with Fortnite fans Aidan Strauch, Ed Menzmer and Seth Reiser to see what they think about the OG Fortnite coming back.

Q: Why do you like the new season so much?

A: “The old map is better than the new ones they added. It takes me back to sixth grade when life was much simpler” – Menzmer

Q: What’s your favorite part of the new season?:

A: “My favorite part of the new season is the old map.” – Reiser

Q: What’s your favorite spot to land?

A: “My favorite spot to land is Lucky Landing because that was the first place I dropped when I started the game.” – Strauch

Q: What’s your favorite OG Skin?

A: “My favorite OG skin is probably Blue Squire.” – Menzmer “Mine would probably be the Gingerbread man.” – Strauch

Q: When did you originally start playing?

A: “I originally started playing Fortnite in 2017 back in 6th grade. Fun fact, I had the game when it was only Save the World, before Battle Royale existed” – Menzmer

“I started playing in season two because my brother told me about the game.” – Strauch

Q: Are you going to play when the season is over?

A: “It depends if the new season is fun or not.” – Menzmer

“I probably won’t if they don’t keep the old map.” – Strauch

Q: Did you stay home to play when the season came out? A: “No, school is the priority.” – Strauch

“No, I had to go to school.” – Menzmer

“I stayed home to get the full experience.” – Reiser

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