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Smamble to Bring Night of Love Songs, Musical Talent on Feb. 13

Edgar sings at a Smamble performance in 2023.

Join fellow Rio students, family and fans on Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. in the PAC to enjoy an exciting new Smamble performance.

Expect a night full of love songs, funk grooves and themes from childhood cartoons. Most of all, anticipate a night of creativity and entertainment. 

“With Smamble, every night is a totally different experience,” Director Joshua Murray said. “The show is free reign for our most advanced students.”

Junior Sofia Bo Ix-Siu and her bandmates are looking forward to this Valentines-themed performance.

“This will definitely be a show,” Ix-Siu said. “We are definitely all working hard because we love one upping each performance.”

Each Smamble performance is a unique showing of Rio student’s excellence.

“It’s an only-Rio thing,” Murray said. “Smamble doesn’t exist at any other high school.” 

This exclusivity is even more reason to show up and support Rio.

The class gives Rio students the opportunity to showcase their musical talent and collaborate with fellow creatives. 

“My favorite part of Smamble is working with friends and being able to express myself in different styles,” Ix-Siu said. “It’s an opportunity to show part of who you are.”

Everyone involved is very invested in this performance.

“[The] night will be lots of fun, [there will be] a variety of genres and a great music show.”

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  • MonicaFeb 5, 2024 at 11:22 AM

    Smamble represents something uniquely Rio and this article portrays it very well.

  • Aaron HolstFeb 4, 2024 at 12:35 PM

    Make sure to come out on the 13th, it’s going to be a great show. We have a great mix of known classics and songs you probably won’t know, so there’s something for everyone!

  • Jazmin CFeb 2, 2024 at 12:21 PM

    I had no idea our smamble was the only existing group and that there are not any others at other high schools. I am looking forward to their performance on Feb. 13th and hearing the different variations of genres.