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“Cinderelly” Spring Play to Premiere Next Week

Cinderelly Spring Play to Premiere Next Week

This year’s spring play is Cinderelly. It is based on Cinderella but with more fun, wacky characters. This show will make you laugh out loud from its witty one-liners and perfect execution. There is never a dull moment with Cinderelly and her love interest, Prince Phillip (played by Keilani Quayle and Zach Baker). Come see Cinderelly at the Betty Miller Theater on May 1, 2, and 3 at 7:30 p.m.! 


Full cast list:

Cinderelly: Keilani Quayle

Prince Phillip: Zach Baker

Narrator: Brennen Johnson

Fairy G-Man/Beggar: Michael Seronello

Princess Penelope: Neely Hebert

King Wallaby: AJ Suine

Queen Acidopholis: Zoe Osorio

Lackey/Lucifer: Judah Ortego

Cinderelly’s Mother: Linnea Biedler

Stepmother: Delaney Hubbard

Gertruderuder: Hannah Fain

Grizeldadelda: Maya James

Footman: James Roof

Alan/Shoemaker: Declan Miller

Cinderelly’s Father: Nicholas Katz

Chef Raoul: Will Mann

Hatmaker: Padmira Mogharab

Dressmaker: Gianna Ackerman

Professional Taster: Kiernan Williams

Flowers: Gianna Ackerman, Layla Douglas, Hannah Fain, Neely Hebert, Delaney Hubbard, Maya James, Will Mann, Declan Miller, Luca Wackford

Birds: Will Mann, Zoe Osorio

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