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Incoming ASB President Shares Plans for Next Year as 2024-2025 Officers Announced

Incoming ASB President Shares Plans for Next Year as 2024-2025 Officers Announced

Q and A with Lucy Salvetti, incoming ASB President

What are you involved in outside of student government?

Being a part of Student Government comes with a big time commitment and a big workload. Although most of my time both in and outside of the class revolves around Student Government, I wouldn’t change it for the world. This class has taught me so many valuable life lessons that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Besides student government, I have previously been a part of Rio’s swim team and I am grateful to be a part of NCL which has taught me so many lessons and I love being able to give back to the community! 

How will you balance school and being ASB president?

Thankfully next year I will have a lighter class schedule so I will be able to put more of my effort into Student Government. Although, when things get hectic I am grateful to have an amazing support system of friends, family, and teachers who I know will be there for me to help me balance ASB president and school. As important as Student Government is to me, I am very adamant about my grades and know the importance of keeping up to date with all my assignments so I don’t fall behind. 

What is your vision or plan for next year?

Although not everyone may realize, Student Government is truly the backbone of the spirit of Rio. And while myself alone cannot produce all the amazing events Rio puts on, we have picked a class for next year with the potential to create a campus environment of positivity, inclusivity and spirit. I am so excited to lead next year’s student gov class and can’t wait to put on amazing events for Rio students!


2024-2025 Student Government Officers

ASB Officers 

President: Lucy Salvetti

Vice President: Harper Gardener

Treasurer: Morgan Reed

Secretary: Katherine Gallaway

Publicity: Hannah Wilson and Mapalo Kateule


Senior Officers 

President: Brooke Siler

Vice President: Bryce Kagan

Treasurer: Johnny Kalchik

Secretary: Ava Ghazanfari

Publicity: Mila Jaroz


Junior Officers 

President: Avery Ah-yun

Vice President: Mia Jimenez

Treasurer: Logan Morris

Secretary: Elle Dunbar

Publicity: Dani Fahn


Sophomore Officers 

President: Ella Cruz and Kelsey Peeler

Vice President: Kate Roseberry

Treasurer: Brooklyn Carney

Secretary: Marlee Koehler

Publicity: Vivien Walsh


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