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Charlie Franz Commits to Swim for UCSD

Charlie Franz at a swim meet.

Ask any of Charlie Franz’s many friends and they would tell you that he likes to talk – a lot. But one thing he does not speak about is himself, so you could talk to Charlie for hours – you really could – and never know that he is committed to UC San Diego for swimming, he’s an A student and has found success in selling self-drawn comic books.

Since Franz was five years old he has spent the bulk of his time in the pool and it shows. He has been at the top of his swim teams, setting the school record for 500 freestyle multiple times.

“Swimming has been a massive part of my life ever since I can remember,” Franz said. “It is really cool to see all of my work pay off and open these doors for me.”

Joining the Sierra Marlins four years ago has opened him up to an amazing competitive team where he has shown his outstanding skills in the pool and with pen and paper. 

“I’ve designed artwork for the Marlin’s T-shirts,” Franz said. “It was fun to make comics with my coaches in them.”

For all of Franz’s life, art has been another distinct hobby of his. In high school, he began to make copies of his comics and sell them to his friends and family. Since he was able to write, he had started to develop his unique art style. 

Franz loves to draw and when he is not in the pool his free time is often taken up at his desk on a drawing board. 

“Telling stories through comics is very fun,” Franz said.

Having the majority of his mornings and evenings occupied in the water leaves Franz with little time for schoolwork or friends. Despite these odds going against him, Franz has put outstanding effort into school and has never dropped below a 4.0 throughout high school. 

He plan to study structural engineering at UC San Diego. Weighing NCAA division one swimming, an extremely demanding area of study, and his art career will be no problem for the outgoing Franz.

Franz is excited to keep his art passion alive throughout college and continue to implement it into his life. Furthering his drawing skills and growing his comic book fanbase is something that pushes Franz to continue his creative exercise.

With a dangerous motivation and a kindhearted mind, Franz has put himself out there and found the success he deserves. The next chapter of his life is about to begin where he can even further his already outstanding skills at the highest college level.

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